My Sunday Week end ( A serial killing Spree for People from Green Community)

Uhhh … Lilet… I think You can remember what we have decided to do????

So from my part ….

I have killed my dear s—– at around 10:30am IST.
I kept her into the refrigerator for last 3 days, to make its each and every part chilling cold and strikingly sweet.
Ohhh now you are in my hands…. I can feel you my dear how I am cleaning your each and every secretive dirt from your dark brown skin. Now its time to take the revenge, for mocking me for my forgetfulness to butcher you while sitting in the refrigerator shelves.
Huh, its time now. I am so eager that I am ripping open you into four pieces with my bare hands and consuming you.
What I felt — lovely so filling so yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy……… yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepiiii…..

Okkk, what is the time now ah only half past 12 pm… but i am feeling the urge for Detritus. Lets search the Cold tomb again…. ahh there you are my dear Mr. G—-. I know you have satisfied me previously. Now it is time for your better half to satisfy me.
I know your are a naughty one with little sandy and softy core with sweet and tough muscles covered with royal sleek green…
It’s time dear to devour you with sprinkle of salt… but wait I know this spree will not stop today with you so let me Decapitate M—- and left her to bleed her all poisons ( doped by this modern culture to make some thing synthetically aggressively productive) into my steel bucket with flowing water.

Now My dear G—-, I am enjoying your salty sandy sweetness.

What is the time now ehhhhhhhh….what woke me up from my day dream. Oh you miss M—-. I know your richness is enticing me. So, First I will rip off your sophisticated, rich glowing skin from your snobbish sweet golden pride. Then I will not will now I am eating it. eating other’s pride is mind blowing.
What to do with your sour and bitter core, ok lets bury you. Hope you will reincarnate with divinity, without any synthetic in you.

What a mess I have a witness, you slimy, half rotten B—–. Why are you here. I know you, you rotten thing, you will spread this all over with your filthy smell if I left you for another day. Wait, I will help you to get rid off your almost rotten skin to rejuvenate with the spark of diamond crystals.
Ha ha ha you fool…. now I will crush you and blend your white lies and have you.


I am right now in West Bengal, India tried to write down the experience of having Fruits (safeda, guava, mango, and banana)
I woke up really late in the morning today and first thing i remembered I have too eat fruits… So… in this way I made my day dear…
See You all next week.
If you liked my writing, please let me know.
N.B. Latter in this week I will add the link from my sister’s blog.


Me, My God n My Religion …

If u r a humanist not feminist or any other Ist  then sorry to say only one (I am may be overwhilmed, so sorry )  religion keeps the both male n female emotion in a balanced mode … where the supreme creator or MA is a form of male n female half … n I think u guess the answer … i.e. Hindu Religion … where god is not a father or mother is a formless supreme state of energy which makes this world… which is a miracle … which is the core of all consciousness n unconsciousness… which is supreme … beauty of this thought is in its infiniteness … why I think God is in details bcoz … this religion gave the scientist Kanad … who initiated the basic of nuclear science by saying or rather giving name to the smallest part of a matter as “KONA” the particle, “ANU” the molecule … This religion says if u do ur duty with respect (it is not mandatory that u have to believe in God also)… then the supremo will take care of u … If u love If u believe in ur version of God (it may be Jesus, Allah, Bhagwan Goutam Buddha, Krishna, Kali, work, passion whatever) if u can justify ur love ur true passion for it then God is with u … In Hinduism that very romantic energy who is always with u, the mode of science art, emotion, passion in one word the all resistance n nonexistence is he(sorry English is a very good language but not unisexual one so I had use he… it can be she)… u me all his creation is the different form of him … his manifestation is incredible just awesome … some will ask what about pap n punya… in Hinduism there is nothing called pap… it has been added latter on to maintain or to misuse the society … so cut the crap come to the point … what ever his creation is doing, is all according to his will … so how could we explain the Hiroshima blast … I will say my dear that massive destruction actually helped the whole life on this planet to survive … it showed this is the trailer dear if we can’t restrict we will be just wiped out our self not God … so can we now see the God’s will… some will say what is divinity in lying… it is human nature … it shows the fear the basic instinct… which actually helped us to socialize ourselves … is it bad or good?… what is in greed … that is the basic instinct which married with fear to death gave birth to science by inventing the fire n wheel … so dear is it too bad or bless from God … we have this emotions that’s why we are human… in Hinduism, it has been said if one can control all these wild horses then one will get a novelty in his character which will help to feel his presence in each n every moment with one … So, In Hinduism there is no Devil… No Satan … by the level of taming of all those wild horses human nature has been subcategorised  by four, Brahmin, Khatriya, Baisya n Sudra… u can roam around in these level at any point of time … but problem is some idiots who actually was in the position of sudra was by parivar tantra known as Brahmin,  miss interpreted my dear darling Hinduism… so this impurity was imparted by us only … give me one example where no one religion is not misinterpreted or conflicted by its own followers … if not then my dear that religion is really not for human beings … Ok one of my dear friend asked how could ur religion be so noble if one can not get moksha without taking birth as Brahmin Male ??? ohh dear … that time I was horrified … u know I was thinking to fight with that friend, I wanted to say … how could u argue with me where ur God n his beloveds  Angles (Arch Angle) are all sons!!! n in my religion all males come with their female counter parts or vice versa… then I resisted my though … I just remembered one little phrase said by my Ma “prithibite kota loker sonar somoy ache? bojhar somoy ache? taito atto hinsa ato mara mari”… o.k. now I am translating these sentences according to their meanings… IN THIS WORLD THE MAIN REASON BEHIND ALL SHORTS OF VIOLENCE IS THE LACK OF PATIANCE TO LISTEN AND UNDERSTAND WHAT OTHERS SAY… So, I did not gave any hot argument … but I know the answer… In Hinduism whatever form u r born in is the miracle of God… there is no one less important to him … even a squirrel, monkey, snake, ant, grasshopper every thing including male female human have a great importance in his creation… n Brahmin are originally depicted as those people or creatures who can tame their wild hoses totally n the male part … I think that word may be was PURUSH … in some places this word is used as an unisexual form trying to convey the word person not as a male person … this is a common way of modification of meaning of word … another thing is In Hinduism no one is of Sinful nature … we are “AMRITER SANTAN” (Children of Devine) … one (whether or not devotee to God) but travels in his life FROM A LOWER VERSION OF TRUTH TO A HIGHER VIRSION OF TRUTH (for simplicity one can say, an easy form of explanation of truth like we read a topic in class 1 n we read the same topic in a higher details n complexity in class 12 biology class or in Physics class or in Mathematics Class)… One can say in Hinduism God is like that old darling Nagging Mother who can shout on us but can not punish us for our mischieves, but will not take rest until n unless she teaches us the lesson she wants to teach us … the lesson is “KNOW UR TRUESELF” … BIG ENOUGH BUT STILL I AM ADDING ONE MORE POINT — In Hinduism one can truly see his/her god in his/her parents… u know why, bcoz true Hindu parents never ever get frustrated by the naggings of their children n I bet on the other parents of other religion too… so don’t say GOD is bigger than them … but my religion also teaches one thing “don’t have blind faith, don’t believe bcoz Veda said so or some pious book said so… believe but always try to carry on a confirmatory test or at least Identification test ” … It is said “Bhokter Bhogoban” … so if u test him with a full conscious faith on him he is bound to prove himself … he will provide evidence n facts … if u believe in science then he will prove himself by science … if u believe in some one else , then he will prove himself by that person … he may give proof through a rock or a crucifix or just a smile of a sleeping baby … Just have faith on him … Officially there is no one founder of Hinduism … it is formed by thousand years of experience of god in millions of people… bcoz for him all of us precious … becoz we are his … even for true Hinduism if u can touch him by ur faith in Islam, zarathustrian believe, Christianity or any thing then you have respect for ur astitwa (existence) so u r astwik … it means u r a true believer of God so u r my brother of different name but by characteristics u r also a Hindu… Hinduism is not a common normal religion … it is the documentation or theorization of human character with the reference frame of God… So, have respect for Hinduism n one appeal to all I am not saying I am 100% correct but don’t misinterpret any religion specially mine … As I am too much possessive for my religion… Each n every drop of blood shed in the name of Hinduism really makes me mad … Its really painful … 

If this touches ur heart, then I am thankful to God… I am Also thankful for giving me such a nice n wise parents  cum teacher… I write my religion as Humanism… bcz tht lesson I hv learnt frm my Sanatanwad…

If this touches ur heart, then I am thankful to God… I am Also thankful for giving me such a nice n wise parents  cum teacher… I write my religion as Humanism… bcz tht lesson I hv learnt frm my Sanatanwad…

By God’s grace yes


be the beacon of ur own faith n trust
but let nature to carry your mast
It may seem a far to reach
have faith my friend he is within each
we may think its all alone
it is no time for morn
it is being said life and death are in a cycle
detachment is the life’s pinnacle
as loves comes in silence
n the void only be filled with reverence.

—- these lines are dedicated to every one, specially Ma n Baba (mother n father) and all siblings, who never ever loose faith from their love to be there for their loved once.